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Prescriptions – ChronovoCare


Everyone knows that the cost of prescription medicine is a challenge for millions of Americans. ChronovoCare provides access to unmatched savings, simplicity and freedom.


What makes ChronovoCare better?

It’s the first 3-in-1 medical savings card that gives you access to the kind of savings that only industry insiders enjoy.

Your free, no-strings ChronovoCare card saves you up to 80% on your prescriptions at any of our 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. Plus:

  Consistent savings you can count on.

Some discount cards only offer savings on targeted types of prescriptions and pricing can be very inconsistent month-to-month. Instead of complicating your budgeting for out-of-pocket medical expenses, we’ve streamlined the entire process and contracted for stable, highly competitive pricing you can count on. We’re so confident our savings are second to none that we invite you to compare our prices to anyone’s. Pricing is available 24/7. 

  Discounts at YOUR pharmacy.

No one enjoys chasing around with your GPS for discounts. Other discount cards may send you to different pharmacies each time you fill. This can also mean missing drug interaction information and sacrificing the connection between you, your doctor, and your pharmacist.

  No memberships or monthly fees. No obligations. 100% private.

Most discount cards require you to pay a monthly for access to their best savings—or to safeguard your private health information. ChronovoCare always provides the best pricing with the greatest of ease. You don’t need to open a new bank account, credit card, or subscription service. And we never sell or share your personal information.

  More than prescriptions.

Need medical equipment, procedures, tests, supplies, surgeries? ChronovoCare is designed to provide discounts across-the-board with the simplicity of one card. This is our unique 3-in-1 guarantee. See our complete list of services for more details.

What about Medicare Set-Asides?

Count on ChronovoCare to

  • Provide double-digit savings over Medicare pricing. This effectively extends the value of your MSA!
  • Consolidate all your medicals on ONE savings card with simplified annual self-reporting. In fact, you can create a “replenishing MSA” when you’re funded by a structured settlement. And your Medicare benefits are safeguarded in the event of SSDI disability or retirement.

Start saving today!

Access our 24/7 ChronovoCare Prescription Portal. Enter your name, date of birth and member and group numbers. Select a unique password.

Follow the easy prompts to:

  • Compare prices on your prescription medicines from the searchable list.
  • Find your pharmacy from our list of 35,000+ nationwide.The listing automatically shows pharmacies nearest to your zip code. Request a price for a drug at a specific pharmacy or set a pharmacy as your default. You can also search with a different zip code or specify a pharmacy name. You’ll immediately see address and traveling distance information.
  • Choose the mail order option for deeper discounts! Let the prompts direct you toward this option or visit our partner Truepill (or call 833 860 1057) to set up home delivery.
  •  Need a replacement card? Just give us a call at 844.263.CARE (2273) or email us at info@chronovo.care

Let’s get started!

Compare prescription prices.

Find a network pharmacy.

Order your ChronovoCare Card.

Questions? Call us toll-free at 844.263.CARE (2273) or email us at info@chronovo.care