One smart card gives you easy, free, nationwide access to powerful savings on a full range of medical expenses. Use ChronovoCare™ to pocket big savings on your prescription drugs—AND your medical equipment, supplies, testing, surgeries and procedures.

There are many prescription drug discount cards. There is only one ChronovoCare card.

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The only 3-in-1 medical savings card



Save up to 80% on all your prescriptions from one of our 35,000 nationwide pharmacies. Or take advantage of our mail-order option for streamlined, at-home delivery. It’s never been easier to save at your pharmacy, on your brands, all without membership fees or obligations. Compare and save with confidence.

Equipment, services & tests

Enjoy average savings from 15% to more than 50% on a comprehensive array of medical needs. Industry insiders’ access gives you discounts on everything from dental care, diagnostic tests and hearing aids—to more acute challenges like nursing services, power wheelchairs and custom prosthetics. ChronovoCare empowers you to select the options that work for you. Plus, our customer service team stands ready to ensure the right choice at the best value.

Procedures, surgeries & rehab

Receive discounts up to 60% on major medical costs with the doctors, hospitals and facilities you select. Our medical negotiation specialists check for coding accuracy, eliminate unnecessary costs, lock down fees up-front and leverage expedited payment with the provider to lower your bill. Best of all, there are no membership or activation fees—and no barriers between you and the highest quality providers.


ChronovoCare provides discounts on the care you need at the prices you deserve





exclusive savings opportunities previously only available to industry insiders. We’ve opened a door to deep savings—and simplified and streamlined the whole process. Our team of expert consultants stand ready to support your specific medical challenges. What do you need? Just let us know.

deep discounts on all your medical expenses with complete freedom, control and flexibility. Shop at your pharmacy. Stay with your trusted doctor. Pick your facility. Buy your favorite brands. With ChronovoCare, you don’t have to choose between savings and quality. Go ahead, choose both.

the big-ticket expenses in your out-of-pocket medical spending with our transparent pricing. You can decide when and where to use your ChronovoCare card. ChronovoCare enables you to control all your medical spending and to track and report all your expenses from one source.

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the best discounts with complete confidence, and no membership fees whatsoever. We never share or sell your personal health information. Not ChronovoCare. Your privacy is our priority.

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