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Equipment – ChronovoCare


What if you could have effortless access to almost every type of medical equipment, test and supply at highly competitive prices?

Thanks to ChronovoCare, it’s not just for industry insiders anymore. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the ordering and scheduling. We’ll help you find what you need and make it more affordable!

What makes ChronovoCare better?

It’s the first 3-in-1 medical savings card that goes beyond prescription medicine and delivers savings on many of your other out-of-pocket medical expenses. You know, the ones that add up.

Your free, no-strings ChronovoCare card saves you from 15% to more than 50% on a wide range of equipment, tests, treatments and therapies. Plus:

The right products at the right price.

As a national provider of specialty medical equipment, our consultants are available by phone to help you find the right products and the best value. Unlike many online stores that only provide a list sorted by price and anonymous reviews, our highly competitive prices come with a professional’s insight into the reputation of the manufacturer, the best value, and the right fit for your needs. After all, when it comes to medical needs it’s never a great price if you buy the wrong product.

Assembly NOT required.

We eliminate the whole assembly headache and hassle. By accessing our nationwide network of specialty medical equipment providers—the largest in the nation—we ensure high-quality products. All products come fully assembled according to specifications required to maintain any applicable warranty. It’s no wonder that, in addition to providing average savings of 49.2%, we also achieve high marks of 99.6% average customer satisfaction. Our members appreciate deep discounts and unmatched customer service.

Expert support.

Other online stores have limited offerings when it comes to specialty medical products such as wheelchairs, custom prosthetics, orthotics, and hearing aids because they require expertise as well as consultation with the consumer. Not the case with ChronovoCare. We don’t just help provide you with a product. We also help you coordinate other important needs like dental care, nursing services, therapies, diagnostic tests, wound therapies, and much more. We bring highly experienced medical consultants into each conversation to ensure that every buying decision is a smart one.

ChronovoCare sounds like it covers almost anything. What’s available?

We believe that life is meant to be lived without restrictions. Whether you need durable medical equipment, therapy for chronic pain, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, acupuncture, dental care, hearing needs, prosthetics, we can help with discount pricing and expert support.

We’ve created an easy ordering and scheduling process. Request ChronovoCare to let us know what you need. We’ll find you the best equipment, supplies, treatments, tests and therapies at the best prices. And we’ll make sure that you can receive your orders with the greatest of ease. (Be sure to check out our home delivery options.)

Medical Products and Services

Your ChronovoCare Card opens a world of savings on a vast array of medical products and services. For a complete listing, please refer to our ChronovoCare Checklist.

Let’s get started!

Let us know what equipment or services you need.

Order your ChronovoCare Card.

Questions? Call us toll-free at 844.263.CARE (2273) or email us at info@chronovo.care

Note: Some products and services will require a prescription from your doctor.